HaCF Opening Titles.png Image courtesy of Art of the Title

Halt and Catch Fire  is a show more about time and technological progress than characters, and the intro sequence reflects that.  Currently airing its fourth and final season on AMC, the show charts the evolution of digital technology from the personal computer boom through to the creation of our current portal to the web, algorithmic search engines. The main “stars” of Halt and Catch Fire’s opening title sequence are the racing Tron-like blips of light that shoot from right to left as if they are racing towards an invisible finish line. The five or so lights cut through glitchy silhouette’s of our three main protagonists, underlining the show’s priority of documenting tech’s evolution over character development. You don’t see the characters clearly at any point in the opening, which suggests they don’t matter. After watching the show, one realizes this is largely true. The characters exist mostly to drive the story forward, to play tech archetypes. They are as models are to clothes in a fashion show. The timeline tracking tech’s evolution is the main character. Continue reading

Is Crazy Ex Out of Steam?

I started streaming Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ( a.k.a. CXGF) on Netflix on Saturday night. The “Sexy Getting Ready Song” was refreshingly accurate. I was hooked after that. However, by episode 15, my interest took a dive. I’m afraid that much like my beloved The Good Wife, CXGF might be trapped in its name. Could it have hit the repetition wall–the dreaded point where the premise dies and the show must end–in the middle of its first Continue reading