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My name is Cristina and I’m a TV queen. I watch all the teevee! At teevee club you will find a mix of high and low brow commentary on all things screenable (including movies Welcome to me!and music videos when I can’t help it). I try to interrogate the idea of “quality TV” by examining the business and cultural dimensions that complicate the medium.

I’ve loved TV since before it was cool–the days of “Oh, I don’t own a television.” Cool, well I’m sorry you missed the dynasty that was Gossip Girl…and ER, and Gilmore Girls, and Seinfeld, etc. etc. As a latch-key kid, I was practically raised by television. Problematic parenting aside, coming of age during the multichannel transition enabled me to experienced first-hand the digital revolution (was it a revolution?). Not a tech-phobic live watcher, not quite a digital native (shoutout to my fellow late Millennials who know their Britney). I think my generation is lucky to have been raised without Tiny Tutor videos, but not be so far removed from digital that we can’t make the DVR work for us. The big changes in the television industries feel organic to me. I also like exploring the cultural impact of/on motion pictures and entertainment ethics, reviewing new and old shows, and generally waxing philosophical. If you’d like to join the teevee club, holler at me on twitter @babyelderly.


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