Sleeping Beauty: Media as Educator in the Performance of Acceptable Femininity 

I shudder to think how much of my personality and interests were molded by The Little Mermaid and Barbie. Only let your kids watch Jem and The Holograms. At least then they’ll think being a woman involves wearing truly outrageous clothes BUT ALSO becoming a music mogul who funds girl-positive group homes. Check out the article:

Disney Princesses: Not Brave Enough


The Best Movie Right Now

The Love Witch is the best movie I’ve ever seen.💋💄🗡♥️🃏

Ok, maybe not ever, but definitely the best movie right now. It was the movie I needed to see now, in my new militant feminist phase. I saw it at the Wisconsin Film Festival, which was the film’s domestic premiere. The director, Anna Biller, attended and did a Q&A after that just confirmed how amazingly cool the movie is. Everything in the movie was in bursting 1960s technicolor, filmed with that classic technique. Biller not only directed, but made all the beautiful and perfectly period-accurate costumes. The period of the movie is actually a little tricky, as everything in the diegetic world was ’60s, but not everything on camera was (you could see modern cars in the background). I kind of liked this muddling–it added a layer of subtle social commentary and fantasy. There’s more to be said, but all I will say for now is get yourself to a screening by any means necessary!